So TechCrunch reports that Google is quietly testing a new take on search results. As you can see in the gallery above, searches done at Google’s pull together results from almost all of Google’s search properties. TechCrunch’s MG Siegler points out the fact that the site is well-designed from a graphical perspective and that Google isn’t always known for that.

I’d go a step further and suggest it looks very well-laid out for a tablet. Right now it’s not going to satisfy power-users of Google’s search products, but its well-organized design may appeal to less savvy users.

After all, some people don’t even know Google Image search exists. This product, once improved and announced, might help Google bring its more obscure products closer to the stratospheric mindshare that enjoys.

The persistent sidebar, with Gmail and Buzz as the Share options and an alternative scrolling widget, is a nice touch. I’d like the option to use this interface in my results as a Google Experiment.