Killing Them With Copyright

The harm done to legitimate businesses by totally bogus copyright claims seems like it should be a big deal. If the government is really concerned about jobs, rather than passing something like SOPA, shouldn’t it be ramping up the punishment for bogus copyright claims that cause so much real harm to businesses?


Mike Masnick of Techdirt is prone to hyperbole and one-sided discussions, but I like his stuff because I usually agree with him. This quote is no exception. I wrote about my thoughts on the Veoh case at KeyPulp, so I won’t rehash them here.

But I think there’s a real threat that large rights holders will see litigation as a good primary strategy for squashing innovators who are otherwise protected by the law. It’s alarming and counterproductive. Deterrents against this kind of behavior can’t save SOPA, but they should be included in any legislation that purports to offer a more universally-palatable alternative.

This was cross-posted from my Posterous because I think it’s extra-important.

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